Alaska Future Problem Solving Program

~teaching kids how to think, not what to think

The Future Problem Solving Program offers students the opportunity to use creative and critical thinking, problem solving skills and decision-making. Future Problem Solving is an excellent vehicle to teach problem solving strategies across the curriculum while promoting the development of student leadership skills.

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Five separate components are offered in the Alaska Future Problem Solving Program. Each of these components challenge students to develop their ability to solve problems using critical and creative thinking. After a research phase, students use the six-step problem solving process, and present their final analysis in different formats depending on the component. Students can choose to participate in one or more of the components during the year, based on their interests.

Dates and Fees

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Global Issues Problem Solving team : $80 per team

Global Issues Problem Solving Individual : $25 per booklet

Scenario Writing : $25 per story

Scenario Performance : $25 per performance

Community Problem Solving Team : $25 per project

Community Problem Solving Individual : $25 per project

Action-Based Problem Solving : $25 per submission

Freelance Booklet : $25 per booklet



Alaska Future Problem Solving Program
436 Valley View Dr.
Fairbanks, AK 99712

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Alaska FPS Board of Directors


Gretchen Hundertmark



Colleen Smith


Affiliate Co-Director & Coaching Liason

Rebecca Kegley


Affiliate Co-Director & Evaluation Coordinator

Riley Kent



Anita Smyke

Cordova, AK

The Alaska Future Problem Solving Program is an Affiliate of the Future Problem Solving Program International and has been active in Alaska for over thirty years.